3. Features

We are constantly adding new features to Webcampak, the list below might not be exhaustive.

3.1. Features list

3.1.1. Picture capture

  • Capture sources

    • PTP cameras (point-and-shoot and DSLR)

    • USB webcams

    • IP cameras (via FTP, HTTP, RTSP)

    • Web pictures (via HTTP, FTP)

    • other Webcampak

  • Filename with capture date

  • Support multiple capture sources per Webcampak

  • Automated capture

    • Every X seconds/minutes

    • Specific timeframe (for example between 6:00 am and 4:00 pm)

    • Specific days (for example Monday and Friday, Tuesday to Saturday, ...)

3.1.2. Pictures manipulations

  • Crop picture: size and location

  • Add legend: choose font, size, color, shadow, location

  • Add watermark: choose location and transparency

    • Add a logo or mask on your picture

    • Obstruct some areas

  • Add weather sensor: size and location

  • Resize picture

  • Create thumbnails

3.1.3. Timelapse videos

  • Automated (every day)

  • Custom (user-specified interval)

  • Pre-process picture and batch manipulations

    • Video effect (Tiltshift, Charcoal, Colorin, ...)

    • Add legend

    • Add watermark

    • Resize

    • Zoom

    • Crop

    • Traveling / panning effect

  • Filter similar pictures

  • Add an audio track (mp3 file or playlist)

  • Multiple H.264 video formats H.264 (1080p, 720p, 480p, custom), FPS

  • Create MP4 file for in-browser display

3.1.4. Send pictures and videos

  • Send pictures to remote FTP server (2 servers per picture)

  • Send thumbnails/hotlinks to remote FTP server

  • Send videos to remote FTP server

  • Send hotlink videos to remote FTP server

  • Upload videos to Youtube

3.1.5. Remote access

  • Authenticated web interface (HTTP)

    • Administration panel

    • Viewer panel

  • Pictures and videos reachable via FTP

  • VPN compatible (OpenVPN)

3.1.6. System management

  • Storage space management:

    • Delete pictures automatically after a user-specified number of days

    • Delete pictures automatically if overall picture size over XXX MB (user specified)

  • Emails:

    • Send an email in case of multiple capture errors

    • Send an email when capture is back

    • Send an email once custom video creation is completed

  • Phidget board

    • Restart camera automatically after multiple capture failures

    • Store sensor measurements

    • Create daily graphs

    • Display capture progress on LCD screen

3.2. New features

We listen to our customers, users and prospects.

If for any reason Webcampak do not answer your requirement or if you believe an additional feature might be interesting, just let us know. We will study how to modify Webcampak to fulfill this requirement, either by updating the software or implementing a third party solution.