4. Sources

Webcampak core is associated to the concept of "sources", giving it adaptability and scalability.

A Webcampak source is a configuration process aimed to capture and process pictures. A source is not necessarily attached to a capture device (such as a camera), the capture can come from another Webcampak or another source from the same Webcampak.

It allows sources to be cascaded and to potentially modify one single picture an unlimited number of times.

Let's take a real world example:

At a building site, the building company would like to generate a timelapse video of the whole construction project and at the same time, publish real-time pictures on its website to show building progress to its customers.

Those two requirements need different pictures:

Therefore Webcampak has to process pictures differently, this can be done by cascading sources.

A first source will capture the picture from the camera and store it for the timelapse video. This source will also send pictures to a second source. This second source will process the picture, insert a logo, date, resize it and send it to the company's website.

All of this is done automatically by Webcampak with no human action past the initial configuration.