Chapter 2. First steps

Table of Contents

1. Webcampak Interface

Webcampak 2.x is provided with a unified interface for both configuration and visualization.

A user management system will let you choose which user can access which part of Webcampak.

To access Webcampak for the first time, open your web browser and connect to: https://Webcampak-IP-address, replacing "Webcampak-IP-address" by the actual Webcampak IP.

Webcampak welcome screen offers you two options:

As soon as you click on one of those options a login screen will be displayed, default credentials are: root/webcampak


Please change the password as soon as possible.

1. Webcampak Interface

Our objective with Webcampak 2.0 was to create an easy and intuitive interface to view pictures & videos and edit Webcampak configuration, all of this from a unified interface.

Webcampak default screen contains the following elements:

  • A menu on the top left let you access all Webcampak features

  • Two graphs are displayed by default ( graphiques présentant des statistiques (taille des clichés, nombre de clichés) par source.

  • On the left of the screen, two buttons can be used to view pictures and videos.

  • On the right of the screen, two buttons can be used to configure sources and permissions.