Chapter 10. System configuration

Table of Contents

1. Webcampak system settings
1.1. Network
1.2. Timezone
1.3. Gphoto
1.4. Global FTP account (resources)
1.5. Statistics
1.6. Phidget
2. Email configuration

This window can be used to configure Webcampak system settings. Usually those settings are confgured once for all and never modified during the product lifetime.

1. Webcampak system settings

1.1. Network

Inidicate the name of your main network interface, this is used to generate system stats.

1.2. Timezone

Timezone where your Webcampak is physically located.

1.3. Gphoto

Webcampak configuration in a multi-camera setup is a complex implementation and is only compatible with some DSLR cameras.

Activate this module if you connect multiple DSLR cameras via USB to Webcampak. Then indicate if those cameras are identical (same brand & model) or different.

Webcampak must be able to understand how to assign a camera to a source and ensure this configuration is maintained whatever happens (camera reboot, webcampak reboot, ...).

1.4. Global FTP account (resources)

As mentioned previously, each source get assigned a dedicated FTP account. This "wpresources" account is a global account that can be used to access Webcampak system-wide resources (excluding sources content).

When you log in you will have access to:

  • Logs from various sources

  • audio directory to upload MP3 files, those files will be available to all sources

  • watermark directory, those files will be available to all sources

  • cache directory, containing temporary files. You can delete all files within this directory in case of major issue.

1.5. Statistics

This module is used by Webcampak team to estimate how often our product is being used. Thanks for participating.

1.6. Phidget

Select this box if a Phidget board is connected to Webcampak