Webcampak has an authentication and an authorization module providing both feature and source isolation.


Webcampak does not store clear-text user passwords, but a salted hash of users passwords.


Webcampak handles feature authorization on a group level. When configuring a group, users can select which features (view pictures, configure sources, run reports, etc...) are available for users in this group.

By default, Webcampak is provided with three groups:

  • View: Access pictures and videos, no configuration
  • Configure: Access pictures and videos, only configure sources (no access to system-level configuration)
  • Admin: Access to all Webcampak features

Additional groups can easily be created.

Sources Access

Source access is managed on a per user basis and is independent of feature access (managed through user groups). A user member of a "configuration group" and given permission to access sources A, B and C will be able to configure those three sources.

Webcampak does not support further granularity, for example, it is not possible for user Joe to have config permission on source A & C and view-only permission on source B. This use case has not been identified relevant in our use cases but nothing prevents an admin from creating multiple usernames to cover this use-case.


Users can be attached to a "Customer", this configuration has very limited impact on Webcampak and is only used to identify user provenance and customise background colour and logo.