Chapter 5. Administration Panel

Table of Contents

1. Dashboard
2. System settings
2.1. System
2.2. FTP Servers
2.3. Connected Devices
2.4. Reboot
2.5. System Logs
2.6. Reset
3. Sources configuration
3.1. Capture
3.2. Photos
3.3. Videos
3.4. Custom Videos
3.5. Port-Prod. Videos.
3.6. Logs
3.7. Advanced
3.8. Manage Pictures
3.9. Manage Videos
3.10. Browse Pictures

The administration panel is the core components of the system, it lets you modify Webcampak behavior.

Before beginning Webcampak configuration it is always better to clearly define your objective, you might find useful to draw a diagram displaying interactions between sources and modifications to be performed.

There are two kind of settings within Webcampak:

This part of the document will detail all settings, menus and sections available, if you feel that additional explanations are necessary or if you have any comments just let us know.

1. Dashboard

The dashboard will be the first page to be displayed when you connect to Webcampak.

Figure 5.1. Admin panel dashboard

Admin panel dashboard

It provides you with a global status of each source, time spent since last capture and disk space used by sources.

"Status" column provide an estimation of the source's status:

  • a white cross is displayed if the source is disabled,

  • a red cube is displayed if there is more than 3x the capture frequency between current time and last capture,

  • a green cube is displayed if there is less than 3x the capture frequency between current time and last capture,