Chapter 9. Permissions management

Table of Contents

1. Manage permissions and credentials
2. Permissions window
3. Manage companies
4. Manage Sources
5. Manage Groups
6. Manage Users

Veuillez noter que votre Webcampak vous est fourni pré-configuré, vous n'aurez donc pas à réaliser l'ensemble des actions détaillées ici.

Please note that your Webcampak has been delivered pre-configured, therefore most of actions detailed here have already be done.

1. Manage permissions and credentials

First of all, you need to understand how permission module work. This module is a key area of Webcampak, it is used to define which user can access content from which source and which menus are available for the user.

When configuring permissions you need to take in consideration the following elements:

  • Source permissions are on a per-user basis. You need to manually add each user to a source for this user to be able to access source's content or read/edit configuration.

    When a user has been granted access to a source, you can define wether this user has Read-Only or Read-Write when it comes to editing Webcampak configuration.

  • Each user is member of a group, access to various Webcampak menus, windows and configuration panels is granted on a group level. All users within the same group will have access to the same windows, but depending of their source permissions, they might not be able to edit same sources.

You can use this module to easily add new users, new sources, new groups and manage which user can access which content.

Just be very careful with root credentials, this user has maximum permissions and this cannot be edited, so never communication root credentials to anybody and change the default password if you installed the system yourself.